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Scimitar offers an ideal work environment where your experiences are valued and you can make real, tangible, and long-lasting differences for our life science clients.

We’re committed to delivering sustainable value through creative solutions that truly make a difference. Our recommendations are founded on a deep well of life sciences expertise, research, and analysis, and informed by our innovative thought leadership. From managing complex integrations to overseeing product launches, our clients trust us to bring our wealth of experience and powerful insights to every project. Our remarkable people are at the heart of our success. 



We foster a sense of community where every member of the Scimitar Family has a voice and feels included and accountable for contributing to each other. We value the building of long-term relationships to achieve mutually beneficial success.


Scimitar’s core is an entrepreneurial spirit that both values and relies on the contributions of every Scimitarian to foster and grow Scimitar as a business while making our career journeys fulfilling. Contributions to growing Scimitar are part of a pledge to give Scimitar our all while recognizing each other’s successes and achievements as individuals free from favoritism, self-interest, bias, or deception.

Exceptional Delivery

We commit to providing the highest quality of strategic thought, deliverables, and advice to our clients. We are a trusted Partner. We will always be open and honest with them, valuing our ability to support them in their short-term and long-term success.


We value the freedom to explore new ways of thinking in solving both client and internal puzzles. We believe creativity powers innovation, allowing new perspectives and solutions to old problems, empowering us and our clients to craft bold visions for the organization that we can pursue vigilantly.


We value transparency and sharing information to the group. We are honest about our actions as individuals, open about the actions we take as a collective, and will always act consistently with our other core values.

Having Fun

We believe work should be fulfilling and bring us together as a Scimitar family. By integrating play into our activities through friendly competition, team events, and how we treat each other, we cultivate a strong connection with each other. We strive to balance work and play as a team.

Ownership Mindset

Every Scimitarian takes personal responsibility not just for delivering value to our clients, but for the success and growth of our firm. We understand that sharing knowledge and continuously improving is an investment in ourselves and the future of Scimitar. We anticipate challenges, take the initiative to address them, and hold ourselves and our peers accountable. Constructive dialogue and hard work are our commitments to ensuring a successful and growing business.



As a Life Sciences services company, we foster our own personal wellness with the same care and attentiveness that we show our clients and the patients that our work serves. We believe that our individual mental and physical health and wellbeing are intertwined with our professional success.


At Scimitar, we think that we do our best work when we embrace inclusivity and openness, and we want to make it clear that we are committed to diversity in all its forms, whether it’s related to race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. 

We genuinely believe that diverse perspectives enrich our work and enable us to deliver more robust and sustainable outcomes for our clients. 

We are dedicated to recruiting and staffing our projects in a way that reflects the diversity of our clients, patients, and the communities we serve, and we believe this approach will allow us to deliver the best possible outcomes for everyone with whom we work.


As Scimitarians, we understand that investing in our team members’ individual successes is essential for our teams’ success. Therefore, we’re dedicated to providing the resources and support you need to reach your full potential and achieve your professional goal.

That is why we are committed to investing in your development and helping you achieve your goals. We have a structured development approach that includes coaching and mentoring of our senior leaders as well as monetary and non-monetary support to encourage growth in areas that matter most to you.

You’ll also have access to the broad knowledge and expertise of our entire team across the value chains of the life sciences. We strongly encourage peer learning, and we value the unique perspectives and insights each team member brings.


Eliana D’Angelo

Engagement Manager

With Scimitar since: 2021
Location: Orlando, Florida

Tim Johnson


With Scimitar since: 2018 (and around Scimitar since 2007)
Location: San Diego, California

Kofi Kumi


With Scimitar since: 2014
Location: San Francisco, California

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